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Sushla group of companyoffering widest & wonderful range of services products. Our services are widely used in industrial residential & commercial spaces and even in smart cities projects as well. The uniqueness of our services is the high reliability, low costs, and the ecological use of the power. Our quality matches global standards and has been a key for our success!

Great reliability

Zero Tolerance to Defects is a rigid part of our corporate culture. The reliability of the products is thus based on the chain of the materials, the manufacturing process, and the function of the component. We take all these measures into account while in the production phases and hence the probability of failure is negligible in our products

OEM experience

For years, the forte for Go Green has been to serve as OEMs for many big brands. Go Green is capable enough to handle big projects and deliver the desired quality well inside the timelines. Our vast support network have helped our customers to trust us for the successful completion of the projects.


People are creative these days and they want their places to look that way. Our in house team of experts have the expertise to deliver what actually is required. We can deliver what suits your decor without compromising in the quality standards.